Self Adhesive Leather

Color: White
Size: 35x50cm
Sale price$9.99


Size: 35*50cm/ 50*50cm/ 100*50cm/ 137*50cm To meet all your repair needs, whether it is scratches, cracks, fading, refurbishment, cigarette burning holes and various other problems, we can easily solve all problems.

Professional Repair: Large-scale leather repair stickers are rich in colors, various textures, and a wide variety, including lychee grain, lamb grain, calf grain, and crazy horse leather texture, to provide you with the most comprehensive and professional leather repair products.

High Quality: Large leather patch is selected high-quality leather, skin-friendly, soft, comfortable to wear, abrasion resistance, anti-fouling, easy to clean, etc., can be maintained for a long time without leaving scratches, and it is firm with professional repair glue , Finish your repair work in a few seconds, the glue will be firmly fixed together.

Environmental protection and health: 100% environmental protection and health, no odor, simple operation, easy to use, can repair various leather products, such as sofas, leather shoes, leather bags, car brackets, etc., is one of the must-haves for every family.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Alice T.

The product quality is very good. The fabric is strong and soft. It has strong elasticity, good friction resistance, convenient adhesion and is also very firm. After placing the order, they immediately delivered the goods! Super fast, I like it very much. Thanks, seller❤

Sean Simmons

Very happy with the product, good quality at a good price. What if I have found is a small amount of adhesive on the back, I have needed to use additional glue to make it well stuck.

Nadia Gomes

Super product, very nice for furniture renew, big size 137cm is advised to cover all surfaces, you will get better works!

Marvin E

The delivery was very fast.
The package was well packaged

Raul Moreira

Saved my broken chair!! The surface feels very comfortable. It is consistent with the description, and it is good in quality and cheap in price. Worth buying!