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Do you worry that your dog may eat and drink too rapidly and choke or vomit?

Are you concerned about purchasing and replacing bowls on a regular basis? 

Are you looking for a travel-friendly dog bowl?


 Double Pet Bowls




Ease up! Our Anti-choke Dog Bowl will help your dog to safely and slowly consume food and water. It can be adjusted to accommodate pets of all ages and sizes, and its portability makes it perfect for taking on trips and hikes. 


Premium Quality




There is a non-slip silicone suction cup under the mat for Dog bowls, which has excellent anti-slip performance. The silicone feeding pad can increase friction with the ground to prevent pets from moving, dragging, or knocking over the bowl while eating. Keep the ground clean.


Collapsible Design




Double bowls design works as a full meal with food and water or feeding 2 pet friends at the same time. The collapsible dog bowl is 19 inches wide, and 3 inches in height. Every single bowl can hold up to 35 oz or 4.5 cups of food or water at full height; 24.6 oz or 3.5 cups at half height; 8 oz or 1 cup at compact height.


Slow Feeder Bowl




Pets that are excited when eating food slowly. This is why it is good for gastrointestinal health and prevents vomiting from feeding. With a raised edge around the dish to minimize water and food spillage and keep the floor clean.





Silicone Collapsible Travel Dog Bowl is Easy to carry and feed your dog with food and water anytime, anywhere, It is suitable for traveling with pets, walking, hiking, camping, and any outdoor activities.


Product Information

Material: Silicone



If you are not fully satisfied for any reason, return your product in 30 days. You will receive your item in 09 to 14 working days. We apologise in advance for any potential delays. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Amanda Serra

Product identical to the ad, the size is for medium-sized dogs, from more than 700 ml of water, just do not measure the amount of feed. Great quality.

Denise Silva

The bowls are great! Easy to use and easy to clean! The size is big, but totally portable! My dog liked it too!

Gail Rath

If you bite and shake your head, you tear it right away.
My dog baby .... On the same day I wrote $10

Margaret Ray

A little too big for a small dog because bulkly maus nevertheless very practical

Margaret Ray

In reality, I don't know the dog in the city of Shia (yak in the photo). For a vikorstannya home, it is not easy to grip and water can easily be used for pidlossi